Britta von Zweigbergk

I always loved art and enrolled at Art school as soon as it was possible – initially as a twelve year old on Saturday mornings and then as a 14 year old three times a week in the evenings – progressing to full time as soon as I left school- 2 years at Folkestone and Dover schools of art and two years at Saint Martins, then located in Charing Cross Road. When my youngest child started school in the late sixties I did some part time sessions as an artist/ therapist at West Hill Hospital, Dartford and then transferring to Joyce Green Hospital, also in Dartford.

In 1973 I started as Art Therapist at Bexley Hospital and stayed there until the art therapy department closed in 1996.

I was very lucky to belong to a profession I loved and since retiring and having the luxury of more time I have enjoyed pursuing both art making AND writing with enthusiasm.

Being part of Centrepieces has been a great source of encouragement.