Christie Cassisa

I always had artistic talent as a child, acquiring a BA in Art & Design at the University of Canterbury in the early 1990s. I came to Centrepieces about 5 years ago having suffered a breakdown, caused by my inability to process the reality of my father’s breakdown with Lewy Body Dementia. During this time I had a short stay in hospital. Here I found it difficult to express my mental state and feelings in words. My way out of this struggle appeared when I started to draw again. Through art I explored my feelings of mourning, depression and anxiety. I started to draw my feelings in metaphorical images such as a blocked doorway in old stone walls and beautiful landscapes obstructed by swirling mists. Centrepieces has been a great support and platform to exhibit my artwork so that I have been able to share my journey with others. I now regularly lead workshops and projects at Centrepieces encouraging creativity and teaching techniques.