Mia-Jane Harris

My art delves into the curious and morbidly beautiful, wishing to intrigue the viewers and pull them into my world with strange objects to manipulate people’s emotions on the subject of mortality – life, death and resurrection. My work aims to challenge the inevitability of our disappearance after death by preventing decay and rescuing “junk”. I give a second life, an artistic rebirth, to deceased animals and second-hand objects with the hope that in return this second chance I give them will help me live on through these creations when I am gone. The main inspiration for my work is fear of disappearing. During my birth complications lead to me being born temporarily deceased and left with Erb’s Palsy (disablement of my right arm). So I have always had a fascination with the morbid and abnormal. I aim to freeze the cycle of death and disappearance. Finding objects that have fulfilled their life’s purpose and have moved on to being ‘junk/trash’ and then giving them second purpose.