Ann Marie Janicka

I was born in London on the 14th November 1980 and moved to Kent in the late 1990’s with my family who originate from Poland.  From an early age I was always interested in art, crafting and photography.  Art was my favourite subject at school and I continued the artistic theme throughout college and university where I gained qualifications in Art & Graphic Design, Multimedia and Photography. I’ve always wanted to exhibit some of my work in a gallery and with great thanks to Centrepieces I managed to do so. Lately I’ve had some spiritual guidance from a lady I met a few months back as I was feeling a little lost, but now I’ve found that fire and drive to do something positive with my life, I’m currently looking to do a course in counselling and also use art as a way of communicating and expressing thoughts and feelings with the people I hope to help in their recovery.