Welcome to Centrepieces! 
Our annual exhibition in the Stables Gallery has had to close again because of Tier 4 regulations but we hope it will be able to re-open in the new year. See here for details.
As our premises are closed and our usual programme of arts activities and exhibitions is on hold due to the impact of the coronavirus, we have set up an alternative programme called Centrepieces Operation ART Lockdown. Click here to see the programme and how to get involved. We will reopen as soon as we can, with appropriate social distancing and safety measures. If you wish to apply to join Centrepieces now either as an artist or volunteer, please contact us and we can arrange an interview by Zoom. All artists can participate in the online art workshop programme. 

Founded in 1999, Centrepieces is a registered charity which helps adults in their mental health recovery through art. The organisation’s work centres on an effort to improve the confidence, well-being and self-esteem of people suffering with mental illness, while offering an opportunity to build a social community and promote a better understanding of mental health to the wider public.

Centrepieces provides the resources for people to participate in art workshops and activities, and to exhibit and sell their artwork. Running regular workshops, which encompass art practices from sculpture and painting to mask making and photography, we are committed to providing our artists with the tools and the environment for creative expression.

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