Denise Spooner

I have always been interested in art as a child.   When I was 16 years old, after suffering with depression for a few years, I started to take up watercolour painting, I learnt all the technics and ideas from learn to paint books.

I had one of my pictures in an Art Exhibition at Hall Place for £25, I did not sell it, but I was really proud to have it there.  I then tried to put two pictures in an Art Exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall in London, but my paintings were rejected which were disappointing.

After a long break from doing Art, I returned to it after going through difficult times.  I went to Adult Education classes for three years, learning oil and opaque painting, and drawing and pastels, doing the Art took my mind of my problems.  To keep my self-esteem going I joined centrepieces.  I enjoy going to centrepieces if has helped me with my confidence as well as mixing and talking to other Artists that all have been though depression.  I have always found Art a great theory and relaxation.