Pictures At An Exhibition

See the first pictures of our annual exhibition at the Stables Gallery, Hall Place, open until 14th April



The Mayor opens our exhibition

On 16th March, The Mayor of Bexley, Councillor Brian Bishop, formally opened our annual exhibition in the Stables Gallery, Hall Place. Watch the video below. The exhibition is open until 14th April.

Centrepieces is 20 years old

2019 is Centrepieces 20th anniversary! We will be celebrating with workshops and projects with the theme of ‘Journeys’, as we look at the journey that Centrepieces has made over the last 20 years. See the Workshops and Activities page to find out what’s happening.

Books about Art Therapy and Centrepieces

Britta Von Zweigbergk, one of our Trustees, has written two new books. Tales of Bexley Hospital is based on her ‘Asylum Diaries’ of her years as Head of Art Therapy at the old Bexley hospital. It costs £9-99.  Centrepieces, A Story of Mental Health and Art in Bexley Part 1 is about the evolution of Centrepieces and art therapy from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1990’s, and costs £14-99 or £12-99 for artists and volunteers. Copies of both can be bought from The Lodge.

Could you volunteer with Centrepieces?

We are looking for a new admin volunteer to help out in the office at The Lodge. Tasks might include helping to prepare for exhibitions and events, writing publicity materials, photographing and logging artwork, keeping the membership records up to date and dealing with enquiries on the phone. You would need good office and IT skills and be confident talking to people. If you are interested and have at least one day a week to spare, please contact Geoff Norris or Karen Larkin on 01322 554589 or email


Saturday Opening and Workshops at The Lodge

The Lodge is open  on most Saturdays from 10am to 1pm for workshops and art facilities, but do check the website each week in case we change the opening hours. There are no tutored workshops at the moment as The Lodge is being used to finish the ‘Broken yet still Beautiful’ mosaic sculpture. We expect workshops to resume at the end of March.

Please contact The Lodge if you plan to attend a Saturday workshop. New workshops will be announced as they are arranged.

If you are interested in taking on the running of a workshop then please
contact or call the Lodge on 01322 554 589.

Some ideas that have been suggested or run recently include:

Cross Stitch, Indian Henna, Creative Writing, Mosaics, Crochet,
Knitting, Card Making, Encaustic Wax, Decoupage, Flower Pressing,
Tapestry, Jewellery Making, Rag Rugs, Spinning Wheel, Upcycling, Wreath Making, Tie and Dye, Origami.

Any other suggestions are welcome. Centrepieces is now able to pay its artists who are able to organise, obtain materials and lead workshops.