Erith Made Festival

Centrepieces will be participating in the Erith Made festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend. We are running some Carnival themed workshops in August and we’ll have a stall at the festival on Monday 30th August.

See the Carnival and Erith Made page here and the Erith Made facebook page

New Patron

Centrepieces would like to welcome our new Arts Patron, Willow Winston. Willow is an international sculptor, painter and educationalist. She intends to become involved in Centrepieces’ art projects and workshops, helping support our artists to develop their potential. We believe that Willow will be a great asset to Centrepieces.

Click here for more information about Willow.

We would also like to thank our former Patron, author Isabel Losada, for her help over the last few years and wish her well for the future.

Books about Art Therapy and Centrepieces

Britta Von Zweigbergk, one of our Trustees, has written another book, an anthology of poems, writings and pictures from the Art Therapy Department at the old Bexley Hospital between 1973 and 1976, called Words From The Edge. It costs £8-99. Her two previous books are Tales of Bexley Hospital based on her ‘Asylum Diaries’ of her years as Head of Art Therapy at Bexley Hospital, £9-99, and Centrepieces, A Story of Mental Health and Art in Bexley Part 1  about the evolution of Centrepieces and art therapy from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1990’s, £14-99 or £12-99 for Centrepieces artists and volunteers. Copies of all can be bought from The Lodge or the Pop Up when they reopen, or phone 01322 554589.