Our patron is Isabel Losada – a writer and former actress, singer, dancer and television producer.

Isabel said at the AGM in July 2017 that it was a privilege to be asked to be the first patron of Centrepieces. She had given a lot of thought to Centrepieces and mental health. One in four people have mental health issues during their lives, but who are the three in four who don’t? Everyone has challenges – very few people are 100% physically healthy – but why does mental health have a stigma not experienced by the physically unwell? We all have to work at our mental health every day, and some challenges are greater than others.

Isabel’s mother and grandmother had died by the time she was 19, and she found herself alone with no family. She had to look after herself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Her interests and focus are in things positive, creative and nourishing, to fill the mind. She has always been involved in the arts as an actress and dancer, and a writer about happiness and well-being. Her book, The Battersea Park Road To Enlightenment, is about happiness and what makes you happy and well-adjusted.

She believes that talking cures are not always much fun – you talk to one person for a long time and do not always see improvement. People need to feel loved – Centrepieces puts colour on a canvas and artists can express their story through painting, sculpture and creativity. They can express themselves in other ways than words and rather than be lonely or sad, receive love and support from a group of people who talk and laugh with them. Centrepieces gives people a reason to get up, develops their skills and allows them to produce outstanding work. Centrepieces is a fantastic way of improving mental health and she is proud to be its patron.

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