Lockdown Activities

Our workshops at The Lodge and the Pop Up are temporarily suspended, but there are lots of other activities for Centrepieces artists during the lockdown, which others are also welcome to join in. Just email us at info@centrepieces.org. You can always become a member at a later stage if interested.

Click here to see the Zoom workshop programme

Click here to see the programme of talks on Zoom about the Royal Collection, designed exclusively for Centrepieces’ artists and volunteers. The programme runs until 20th April 2021

Read the latest Operation Art Lockdown newsletter here

There are some new Step by Step drawings with John Exell below

Catch up with some art exhibitions and art programmes online and on TV – list of suggestions here

Watch some of the videos that have been produced by Centrepieces tutors and artists, including to how make a Butterfly Collage by Sue Wieck and an NHS rap by Tony Bennet. There’s a new video about the workshops that have been running during the lockdowns this year.

Our Mental Health Awareness Week project on the theme of Kindness is now complete. You can watch the new video about the project here and read more about Mental Health Awareness Week here

Art Challenges 
Some of these are Art Challenges that are featured in the Facebook Group. Please have a go and if you would like to send us photographs of any artwork that you create to be shared around then that would be great!  Send to: karen.larkin@centrepieces.org

Click here for Art Challenge 2

Click here to see Art Challenge 1

Design a Makeover for Molly the Cow – instructions and template – with an extended deadline. Click here

Step by Step Drawing with John Exell  John has produced a series of step by step drawings for people to have a go at.

Girl, click here

Old Man, click here

Girl by Durer, click here

Look out for more Art Challenges, including further drawing from John and Lucy Thomas. We have now started to use Zoom for live art workshops and are starting to produce our own video tutorial classes.