Jagdip Sodhi

I am very passionate about creativity as it keeps me positive and stay well in myself. I began by making ordinary cards then as time went on I started to explore decoupage and personalised cards. The passion of bright colours always made me feel more able to bring different ideas to the surface.

I enjoyed seeing other people’s art work when I went to college although I never got involved as I didn’t consider myself good enough. I told my mum and brother I was interested in learning art but they said it wouldn’t get me far in life as there were no job prospects.

I thought about it long and hard and decided to study Childcare, but it never suited me, and as I continued to enjoy art and crafts I went on work experience and started making more cards for my family who started to like them and were happy for me to learn new ideas.

I started to attend Centrepieces in 2015, on and off at times due to my depression and anxiety as my mental health had always been difficult to deal with, and life was a battle to find motivation and remain happy.

I now feel motivated to do art, and happy and determined to express new ideas through creativity. The workshops I have been attending with Centrepieces have helped to encourage my thoughts in a positive way.