John Exell

I am a founder member of Centrepieces. I was retired early from architecture, at the age 45, due to my suffering from severe mental illness from the age 19.  I have helped in many projects when I’ve been well.  My mental illness comes and goes, and I just can’t take stress. I have also done some tutoring to fellow members, involved in re-cycling, and general handy-man.  My architectural background lends itself to sculpture and Draftsman-ship, which I do, as well as drawing and other forms of art.  I am also a keen writer. I am now 70, minus one leg, about three years ago, and am confined to a wheel chair, so my work input has drastically reduced, but I still try to help.  Fellow members have been absolutely tremendous in their help, as well as fellow humans.  You can see my missing leg, but you can’t see my mental illness, which is a great pity.