Peter Kent

I have always had an interest in art and whilst at secondary school, I had a desire to go to Art College. However social standing, peer pressure and lack of confidence coupled with self-doubt meant I never fulfilled my aspirations. Whilst I did not continue to practise art, my interest in art never wavered and over the years I have continued to visit galleries and exhibitions, watch television documentaries and read books, which has given me a good understanding of artists, their styles and their artwork.

I have been suffering with mental health issues (depression) for a number of years during which I rediscovered art and the benefits of creativity/creative expression. Following my most recent depressive episode, and the resulting major breakdown, I found Centrepieces through Oxleas NHS Trust and decided to join to aid and maintain my recovery. Centrepieces is a special place that encourages individuals to express themselves creatively in an environment that is welcoming, relaxing and inspirational. I really cannot recommend Centrepieces enough as it has given me the self-confidence to call myself an artist and has encouraged me to show, and sell, my work.

I am an artist creating work with a loose, less controlled and abstract feel. My work is emotive, expressive and often personal, ranging from the peaceful and calming to the tempestuous and disturbing. I produce my work through reaching inwards and painting from the heart, which I believe gives my work a deeper level of feeling and self expression.

My paintings can be categorised in two main areas. The first demonstrates the influence in the British tradition of landscape and seascape painting. My themes show empathy towards these influences by translating my surroundings into paintings with an emphasis on colour, texture and form. The second area shows my personal journey into self-expressionism, which translates memory, mood and emotion into visible form. I attempt to bring abstract expressionism into the 21st century by making it my own in my vibrant and distinctive style. There are a number of artists who stimulate my creativeness in terms of subject, style, use of colour and form. WJM Turner (late works), Van Gogh, Monet and M Rothko have the biggest influence and give me the greatest gratification.