Sally Thompson

My name is Sally. I was born deaf, and I have had depression for as long as I can remember, as it is connected to my deafness.  I also have deaf anxiety and concentration fatigue. A lady at the Crisis Café at MIND in Bexley asked me if I liked drawing and that was when I started to do art drawing during the Lockdown. I have never done art in my life so I taught myself how to draw. I mainly use pastels.  I started doing art challenges that I found on social media and joined the Centrepieces Arty Farty Party group on Facebook. During Lockdown I found out more about Centrepieces through MIND in Bexley, I joined and I started to do art classes over Zoom.  This was out of my comfort zone because being deaf I did not know whether I could cope. Luckily, I managed ok! It’s a good job that I did Zoom first before I met the people at Centrepieces Pop Up because I don’t know how I would have coped with meeting new people in person. I’ve learnt that doing art drawing has helped with my deaf anxiety and depression as it calms me down. I have finally found something that will help me with my mental health and that is drawing art.