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Centrepieces currently has over 100 talented members. The Centrepieces gallery offers a selection of the diverse work created by our artists.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork, please contact Centrepieces by phone or email. There is no online payment facility at the present time.

Artists are ordered by surname in alphabetical order. More work can be found on each artist’s page

Daran Peters
Lee Pigott
Roxanne Pinn
Victoria Pisarski
Danils Porubins
Frances Renton
Martin Robinson
David Salonia
Joan Scher
Sonia Serrao
Denise Shafto
Alex Spendley
Denise Spooner
Stuart Smith
Cherry Tanner
Denise Tarrant
Guy Tarrant
Jeremy Taylor
Lucy Thomas
Dawn Tomlin
Dawn Tomkins
Sue Turner