Christmas Garden

Artist collaboration

The Community herb garden was transformed into a magical grotto, using solar powered lights, Christmas decorations and festive materials.

The structure had four large entrances, creating a walkway through the piece. The shape of the entrances was loosely inspired by Saxon doorways and Gothic arches. The result was something that was strangely in keeping with the neighbouring Hall Place house; the garden sculpture and historic house mirrored each other in their antiquated design and shape.

The bamboo structure was then adorned with handmade pasta decorations, which were created during a series of Centrepieces workshops. Festive fairy lights were then woven through the bamboo beams and supports, and imparted a resplendent illumination to the piece when viewed in the dark.

See how the herb garden sparkled by the Centrepieces Lodge, as we counted down the days to Christmas 2017: